Bidet is designed to promote personal hygiene.It is located near the toilet bowl in the bathroom. They made of sanitary ceramics with special colorful surface with attractive. Bidet sets toilet. Bidet wall mounted sets Toilet wall mounted; floor standing bidet with floor standing toilet. They have Single hole with overflow and hidden fixing. 

  • 611011 Wall Mounted BULL Bidet 53*36cm

  • 611031 Wall Mounted FOX Bidet 53*36 cm

  • 612011 Wall Mounted TUSCANO Bidet 54*36 cm

  • 614011 Wall Mounted Plan Bidet

  • 631011 Floor Standing BULL Bidet 53*36 cm

  • 631031 Floor Standing Bidet FOX 53*36 cm

  • 632011 Floor Standing TUSCANO Bidet 54*36 cm

  • 634011 Floor Standing Plan Bidet