Shower Tray

Saniterra® Shower tray made from Ceramics, Acrylics, Pietraluce and solid surface material. All the material has Sanitary certificate. It gives you a whole new, modern feel for showering. the design’s shower tray that focuses on your need is in perfect fit with modern architecture. And since you will be left with enough space, you can fit more and more with a great deal of design.

  • 911011XX ACRYLIC Shower Tray OVAL

  • 912012XX ACRYLIC Shower Tray Tuscano PLAN

  • 912013XX ACRYLIC Shower Tray CUBA

  • 921011XX STONE Shower Tray OVAL

  • 922012XX PLANSTONE Shower Tray TUSCANO

  • 922013XX STONE Shower Tray CUBA

  • 945023XAB Soft Stone Shower Tray Cotone Cuba

  • 991011XX CERAM Shower Tray OVAL

  • 992012XX CERAM Shower Tray PLAN

  • 992013XX CERAM Shower Tray CUBA