The Saniterra® urinal equipped with automatic water-washing technology. It ensures cleanliness and hygiene by automatically rinsing itself with water after each use. Say goodbye to manual cleaning and enjoy a fresh restroom experience with Saniterra®.


Full frame for WM urinals

The wall mounted urinal structure you are referring to is commonly known as a “Structure” or “Frame” This structure is installed inside the wall during the construction or renovation process and provides the necessary support and plumbing connections for the urinal. The frame is a pre-fabricated unit that includes the necessary fittings.

Frame for urinals

Control plate

The Saniterra® urinal control plate offers an elegant and hygienic solution for public or semi-public spaces. It features automatic hands-free operation using an infrared beam to detect user presence and trigger automatic flushing when the user steps away. This reliable distance detection allows for shorter, space-saving distances between urinals and walls, making it an excellent choice for restroom designs where maximizing space is essential.