Saniterra® is producing both Built in and Free standing bathtub with best quality and design and export to whole market as well. Saniterra® design a Bathroom model that suits people with different tastes in awesome colors and beyond their own time. with this modern design, you have a lifestyle, and you feel the change in your bathroom design. There are many type of  bathtub under saniterra producing Solid surface bathtub and Acrylic bathtub. Solid surface Bathtubs is colorful.

  • 42201217077 Free standing Bathtub TUSCANO 170*77 cm

  • 42101117087 Bathtub Free Standing MILANO 170*87 cm

  • 4130XXX R/L Sanitary Acrylic Bathtub ROMA

  • 412012XXD Duble Sanitary Acrylic Bathtub PLAN

  • 412012XX Sanitary Acrylic Bathtub PLAN

  • 412011XX Sanitary Acrylic bathtub OVAL

Built in bathtub


A built-in bathtub is a space-efficient and practical choice for bathrooms. It can be placed against the walls, tucked into corners or alcoves, making it a favorite due to its seamless integration and easy maintenance. The built-in design often includes a tub and shower combo, ideal for containing water well. It offers stability and support, customization options, and enhanced safety, making it a cost-effective and versatile solution for various bathroom sizes and styles.

Free standing bathtub


A freestanding bathtub is a stand-alone fixture that doesn’t require installation against the walls. It offers a striking and elegant focal point for bathrooms, giving a sense of luxury and spaciousness. Freestanding tubs come in various shapes and materials, providing a stylish and contemporary bathing experience.

Bathtub Mixer Taps

Saniterra® has several types of bathtub faucets, which differ depending on the freestanding and built-in of the bathtub. You can also see and choose deck mounted faucets and bathtub fillers in the collection of Saniterra® bathtub faucets. You will not definitely regret your choice.

Bathtub Mixer