Saniterra® toilets collection offer a variety of styles such as wall-mounted, floor-standing and urinals, all made with the highest-quality sanitary ceramic. All the products are made with the highest-quality ceramics and timeless designs. These toilets are not only rimless, but also include a soft-close seat that is easy to remove and open.

  • 232011 Floor Standing Tuscano Toilet 55*36 cm

  • 231031 Floor Standing FOX Toilet 53*36 cm

  • 231011 Floor Standing BULL Toilet 53*36 cm

  • 212011 Wall Mounted TUSCANO Toilet 54×36 cm

  • 211031 Wall Mounted FOX Toilet 53*36 cm

  • 211011 Wall Mounted BULL Toilet 53*36 cm

  • 234080 Floor Standing PMR Toilet Porto

  • 234011 Floor Standing PLAN Toilet

  • 224011 Close Couple PLAN Toilet

  • 214080 Wall Mounted Porto PMR Toilet

  • 214011 Wall Mounted PLAN Toilet

Wall Mounted Toilet

Wall-mounted toilets are indeed a modern and stylish addition to contemporary bathrooms. Their unique design hides all the pipes, fittings, and cistern in the wall, giving the bathroom a clean and minimalist look. The toilet itself is elevated off the floor, providing a sleek and floating appearance, which adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of the space.

Floor Standing Toilet

A floor-mounted or floor standing toilet is installed directly on the bathroom floor and secured with bolts for stability. In some cases, it may also be glued to the floor for added support and to prevent any movement. Unlike wall-mounted toilets, floor-mounted toilets do not have the “floating” appearance and are a more traditional and common option in many bathrooms.

Saniterra® Rimless Feature:

A directflush system that enhances the flushing efficiency of the toilet. Instead of the traditional rimmed design, which has a rim around the toilet bowl, this technology shoots water directly around the entire inner surface of the bowl. This design eliminates hidden areas where dirt and bacteria can accumulate, making it easier to clean and more hygienic. The directflush system ensures a thorough and powerful flush, promoting better cleanliness and sanitation in the bathroom.

Easy remove seat & cover:
This feature refers to a toilet seat and cover design that can be easily removed for cleaning or replacement. This design typically includes quick-release clips that allow the seat and cover to be detached from the toilet bowl with minimal effort. The easy removal feature makes it convenient to keep the toilet clean and maintain hygiene in the bathroom.

What do you need for your toilet

Wall-mounted and floor standing (back-to-wall) toilets require a suitable concealed cistern (concealed flush tank) for proper operation. Additionally, adding a bidet next to your toilet can enhance hygiene and contribute to a more stylish and luxurious bathroom experience.It offers multiple benefits and enhances the overall beauty of the space.


Concealed Cistern

Seat & Cover