632011 Floor Standing TUSCANO Bidet 54*36 cm

Floor standing Tuscano Bidet


  • Single hole bidet with overflow. 
  • Sanitary ceramics with special colorful surface finishing with attractive looking for a long time.
  • Size: 54*36*42 cm
  • Weight: 26 Kg

Surface: White/ Cream/ Coffee/ Magnesium/ Sand/ Green/ Pink/ Sky Blue/ Graphite/ Ice/ Beige


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Series: Tuscano

The Saniterra® Tuscano floor-standing bidet is a stylish and versatile bidet with a square shape. Designed to stand on the floor, it offers flexibility in installation and can easily complement any bathroom layout. The bidet features a sleek and modern design, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the space.

In terms of functionality, the Tuscano floor-standing bidet delivers a comfortable and hygienic cleansing experience. It provides a gentle and refreshing water, promoting improved personal hygiene. The square shape adds a contemporary flair while the sturdy construction ensures durability and longevity.

The floor-standing design allows for easy installation and doesn’t require wall mounting, making it suitable for various bathroom configurations. Its standalone presence adds a touch of elegance to the overall bathroom design.

Overall, the Saniterra® Tuscano floor-standing bidet combines style, convenience, and versatility. With its square shape and multicolor options, it adds a modern and personalized touch to any bathroom. The bidet’s comfortable cleansing experience and durable construction make it an excellent choice for those seeking both aesthetic appeal and practical functionality.

  • Size: 54*36*42 cm
  • Colorful

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