The OVAL tap collection features modern, yet timeless designs that will accentuate any bathroom. The pieces are made from high-grade stainless steel, and feature a sleek, minimalistic look. The simple lever handles are easy to grip, while the slim profile and smooth contours offer a stylish and contemporary touch. They are also available in a wide variety of colors.

  • 111011 Single Lever Basin Mixer OVAL

  • 111011h High Single Lever Basin Mixer OVAL

  • 121011 Shower Mixer OVAL 256 mm

  • 131011 Bath Mixer OVAL 256 mm

  • 141011 Bidet Mixer OVAL

  • 15111011 Concealed Washbasin Mixer Oval

  • 15111011A Concealed Washbasin Mixer OVAL

  • 15121011 Concealed 1 way out Shower Mixer OVAL

  • 15131011 Concealed 2 way out Bath Mixer OVAL

  • 15141011 Concealed Bidet Mixer With Shut-Off OVAL

  • 16101100XX Brass Shower Head OVAL

  • 16101102St St. Steel Waterfall Shower Head OVAL

  • 16101103 Brass Ceiling Shower Arm OVAL

  • 16101108 ABS Hand Shower Oval

  • 16101108B Brass Hand Shower OVAL

  • 16101116 Brass Shower Rail OVAL

  • 16101120 Concealed Hand Shower OVAL

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