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The MOON collection offers strong, fashionable styles that will upgrade your space. This distinctive and striking look brings a sense of drama to your modern bathroom, while its robust construction prevents it from overshadowing the rest of your features. This collection features a wide variety of colors.

  • 112013 Single Lever Basin Mixer MOON

  • 122013 Shower Mixer MOON 180 mm

  • 132013 Bath Mixer MOON 180 mm

  • 142013 Bidet Mixer MOON

  • 15112013 Concealed Washbasin Mixer MOON

  • 15112013A Concealed Washbasin Mixer MOON

  • 15112013C Concealed Washbasin Mixer MOON

  • 15122013 Concealed 1 way out Shower Mixer MOON

  • 15132013 Concealed 2 way out Bath Mixer MOON

  • 15132013A Concealed 2/3 way out Bath Mixer with Hand Shower Set MOON

  • 15142013 Concealed Bidet Mixer with Shut-Off MOON

  • 1600201318 Bath Wall Spout MOON 190 mm

  • 16101311X Bath/Shower Hose Moon

  • 16201320 Concealed Hand Shower MOON

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