Crafted with superior superior materials, the taps in the KING collection come equipped with innovative features that add a touch of luxury and opulence to a luxurious bathroom. With an array of finishes to choose from, you can create a sophisticated look that exudes sophistication and grandeur.

  • 112017 Single Lever Basin Mixer KING

  • 112017h High Single Lever Basin Mixer KING

  • 122017 Shower Mixer KING 190 mm

  • 142017 Bidet Mixer KING

  • 15112017A Concealed Washbasin Mixer KING

  • 15122017 Concealed 1 way out Shower Mixer KING

  • 15132017 Concealed 2 way out Bath Mixer KING

  • 15132017A Concealed 2/3 way out Bath Mixer with Set Hand Shower KING

  • 15142017 Concealed Bidet Mixer with Shut off KING

  • 16101711X Bath/Shower Hose King

  • 16201720 Concealed Hand Shower KING

  • 192017 Bathtub Mixer KING

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