The BRACA tap collection is designed to bring modern appeal with its contemporary curves and minimalist look. The smooth lines create a distinctive yet timeless look that is perfect for any modern bathroom. This collection is also available in a range of colors, allowing you to choose the perfect shade for your space.

  • 111012 Single Lever Basin Mixer BRACA

  • 111012h High Single Lever Basin Mixer BRACA

  • 121012 Shower Mixer BRACA 252 mm

  • 131012 Bath Mixer BRACA 252 mm

  • 141012 Bidet Mixer BRACA

  • 15111012 Concealed Washbasin Mixer BRACA

  • 15111012A Concealed Washbasin Mixer BRACA

  • 15131012 Concealed 2 way out Bath Mixer BRACA

  • 15131012A Concealed 2/3 Way out Bath Mixer with Hand Shower Set BRACA

  • 15141012 Concealed Bidet Mixer With Shut-Off BRACA

  • 156101200X Concealed Round St. Steel Shower Head BRACA

  • 1600101225 Complete Water Intake BRACA

  • 16101200XSt St. Steel Round Shower Head BRACA

  • 16101200XX Round Brass Shower Head BRACA

  • 16101201 Brass Wall Mounted Shower Arm BRACA

  • 16101203 Brass Round Ceiling Shower Arm BRACA

  • 16101204 Brass Large Click Clack Pop-up Waste BRACA

  • 16101206 Round Siphon 1″1/4 BRACA

  • 16101207 Round Stopcock BRACA

  • 16101208-3 ABS Hand Shower BRACA

  • 16101208-4 ABS Hand Shower BRACA

  • 16101208B Brass Round Hand Shower BRACA

  • 16101217 Brass Shower Rail Complete with Hand Shower BRACA

  • 16101226A Complete hand shower set BRACA

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